specification guide for glazed thin brick

general description


 our clé exclusive thin glazed brick tile is a series of glazed ceramic brick tile, by clé, that is double fired (to over 2100F*) available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes and are designed for residential and architectural uses. they may be installed using most industry accepted systems including pre-cast panels. *custom brick may be produced at other temperatures and with other processes.

nominal sizes

modified standard ( 2-1/2"x8"x1/2" ) • 90˚corner piece is available ( the return is 3-5/8" )


standard specifications

clé exclusive thin glazed brick tile tile shall be selected by the architect/designer/owner from manufacturer’s standard sizes, shapes and glazes; and shall meet the requirements of ANSI 137.1 as special purpose tile; ASTM C1088-12, grade exterior, type TBX, for physical properties; and ASTM 1405-12 class exterior for properties of finish. most units will meet PCI specifications, but need to be requested as such if required.

note: Interior/exterior specification. ok for freeze thaw & for wet applications.

note: some glazes produced for custom applications may be crazed for decorative effects or to obtain certain color/characteristics and will not meet the crazing requirements of ASTM 1405-12.


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