antique and belgian black terracotta tiles FAQ's

How are antique terracotta and Belgian black terracotta different?

Antique Terracotta tiles are terracotta tiles that have been carefully eased from antique french structures. Every tile bears it’s own tale of the past 100 years, ready to last the next century in your own heirloom setting.

French Reproduction Terracotta (Belgian Black) take a restored form of modest terracotta production, only this time, substitute the standard terracotta with the most exquisite blackened clay. We call these tiles Belgian Black Terracotta because they are perfect for grounding projects with the same austerity as striking Belgian antique surfaces.

What size are terracotta tiles?

Antique Terracotta is offered in 6” squares and 6" hexes

French Reproduction Terracotta is offered in 8” squares, 8" hexagons, 8" star/cross shapes, circles/diamond shapes, and 2"x8" planks. 

What is the thickness of the terracotta tiles?

clé antique and belgian black terracotta range from ¾ “ to 1”

Can I customize terracotta tiles?

Inquiries accepted

What is the lead-time on terracotta tiles?

Antique Terracotta – 2-4 weeks

Belgian Black Terracotta – in stock 1-2 weeks, 10-12 weeks if out of stock

Where do you recommend installing terracotta tiles?

Indoor and outdoor applications are perfect for walls and residential and commercial flooring. Heavy use such as factory floors and exterior driveways- not recommended. 

What grout color do you recommend?

Natural grey grout is the recommended color for Antique and Red Terracotta or a dark charcoal for the Belgian Black Terracotta.

Do I need to seal terracotta tiles?

Proper maintenance of any tile is critical to the upkeep of a lasting installation. Upon completion of the tile installation and grouting, it is recommended that a penetrating sealer be used, again, to maintain the finish of terracotta. This will allow for the limited need for cleaning and maintenance.

How do I clean them?

For cleaning of terracotta tiles, we recommend the use of colorless and neutral PH cleansers- only to be used for the purpose of removing soil or stains. A nylon scrub brush used with such cleansers can be useful for particular rigorous maintenance as is necessary, and should be used only as a limited cleaning program.

Please see installation guide for more details on installation and maintenance.

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