what does pre-polished and pre-sealed mean?

clé provides our complete cement tile collection both pre-polished and pre-sealed. We take such pride in offering our cement tiles in this highest quality form for the preservation of your tile investment that clé provides this premium finish at no extra cost. This finish can often cost 30% more if purchased elsewhere.

what does it mean to have your cement tiles pre-polished?

the curing process involved in the creation of cement tiles always leaves the surface with a rough texture or “tooth”. this surface is actually formed from the granules of cement and pigment rising up and leaving a rough texture during the hardening of the cement. pre-polishing your cement tiles allows for this “tooth” to be removed. without this rough surface, your installation will be much less problematic when grouting and cleaning. it will also allow your cement tiles to begin the patina phase without added residue. your tiles will have a smoother feel for wear and tear and for comfort, underfoot.


what is pre-sealing?

during the pre-polishing process, an impregnating sealer is rubbed into the surface in order to further support your cement tiles through their shipping and installation.  by applying this seal while pre-polishing, your cement tiles are able to absorb a first application of impregnating sealer to keep your tiles safe from excessive abrasion during shipping as well as to further support your tiles through the rigors of the installation.

we hope you will enjoy the added benefits of clé’s pre-polished and pre-sealed cement tiles. you know you will come to appreciate it all the more as your tiles age beautifully for years and years to come.

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