common questions about farmhouse brick

how much variation should I expect?
all the dazzle of the beloved zellige tile grounded with the integrity of brick.  our farmhouse brick line speaks to clients fond of both zellige and glazed brick especially those that fancy extreme variation. if you like a smooth, consistent finished surface then this one is not for you. looking to embrace a little more surface tension and patina?  then farmhouse brick will serve you well.

please expect 6 tiles per square foot for a 2-1/2x8" tile. this allows for a 3/8" grout requirement.

*for installations requiring a smaller grout joint- this is not recommended. furthermore, you will need to recalculate your tile quantity requirements.

can i order a customize size or color?
Inquiries accepted

what colors do you stock?
we currently stock farmhouse brick in white.

what shapes do you offer?
we offer 2.5”x8” tiles, as well 2.5”x8” trim L shaped corners.

what is the thickness of farmhouse brick?
the thickness of clé farmhouse brick is ½”

how much is a sample?|
standard farmhouse brick samples are $3.  trim pieces are $7.50

how long does it take to get my tiles?
in stock farmhouse brick tiles ship within 10 business days.  at this time, there is limited stock availability.

where do you recommend installing farmhouse brick?
like our standard glazed brick tiles, our farmhouse brick line is great for almost any application and downright perfect for a kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, etc.. please limit floor usage to light residential and outdoor use to locations not affected by freeze thaw.

what color grout should I use?
we recommend using medium grey unsanded grout.

what size grout joint?
the piece per square foot count is based on a 3/8” grout joint. anything smaller will require more tiles per square foot.

do I need to seal farmhouse brick tiles?
for the majority of applications, farmhouse brick tile doesn’t need to be sealed.

do you have additional installation information?
installation methods should conform to the tile council of america “handbook for ceramic tile installation” (current edition). brick from several different cartons should be mixed to achieve the best overall blend of color. other systems are available and the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed.

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